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Help Fairfax County remain a Bicycle Friendly Community. Please tcomplete a League of American Bicyclists survey highlight our past progress and future needs: Learn more here:

I have to admit, I didn’t necessarily have a lot of confidence that a U.S Federal Secretary of Transportation would say things like this in my lifetime. Watch this and share it. Well done @PeteButtigieg.

Streets are for people, not just for vehicles.

We recently opened the Scott’s Run Trail to improve pedestrian access to the McLean Metro Station. One achievement in a project aimed at a new pedestrian and bike friendly Tysons. This is critical in building a more environmentally sustainable Tysons. ffxsafestreets photo

THREAD: It's a lot easier - and friendlier - to design our streets so that it is difficult to make a life-threatening mistake on them, rather than enforcing them 24/7 - an unsustainable goal. #safestreets ffxsafestreets photo

In 2010, @USDOT estimated that the total societal harm from car crashes was $836 billion. That comes out to about $2,700/person/year. Better safety is smart economic policy. #BuildBackBetter #ZeroTrafficDeaths @SecretaryPete