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Check out the second part of FABB’s summary of recent FCPD Crash Reconstruction Unit discussion of Vulnerable Road User law, contributory negligence, bike- or cyclist-mounted video cameras, access to crash reports, and other issues.

Learn about FCPD Crash Reconstruction Unit’s role in crashes between motorists and bicyclists with this summary of and link to Zoom video of FABB’s monthly meeting last week at

The paradox of city management. 700HP street-legal muscle cars capable of 200 mph can be driven in many of the same cities that have an issue w 3HP speed-limited e-scooters! And the reason? "safety concerns"! Give me a break! ffxsafestreets photo

Remember, you are prohibited from holding a handheld personal communications device while driving a motor vehicle in VA. #HandsFreeVA #EndDistractedDriving #JustDrive ffxsafestreets photo

Help us remind all Virginia road users that October is Bicyclist and Pedestrian Awareness Month. Visit our online Toolkits for turnkey social media and other items! #BPAM ffxsafestreets photo

“Public officials should be less timid in their approach to implementing positive changes that improve [road] safety and walkability, even at the expense of potential delays to traffic.” #VisionZeroFFX via @citylab